Nine steps to rescue and transform organizations

Business Leadership Under Fire: Nine Steps to Rescue and Transform Organizations is the book every business leader needs. It will inspire readers with its thoughtful, practical and battle-hardened recipes for success.

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Praise for Business Leadership Under Fire

‘In the digital era, where technology is viewed as the driving force in delivering corporate success, it is easy to overlook that business requires the basics of informed leadership, well-crafted strategy and undiluted human endeavour if it is to survive and thrive.

This concise and entertaining book by Pepyn Dinandt and Richard Westley provides welcome food for thought in providing an important reminder of what it takes to manage and transform business performance in an increasingly complex world.

I have great respect for their down-to-earth approach, which seeks to cut through the noise of business commentary and settles on the fundamentals, which are clearly encapsulated in nine steps.

Perhaps the greatest strength of the book is the fact that the advice and guidance it gives is rooted in the hard-edge, real-life experience of the battlefield and boardroom, where both authors have excelled in their chosen careers.

I hope that those who read this book enjoy the experience, are inspired by the content and use the advice given as a practical guide to strengthening their leadership skillset, broadening their operational mindset and honing their competitive edge.’

— Sir Roger Carr, Chairman, BAE Systems

‘Once in a generation or so, you get to read a book that discusses what you know and deal with every day as a leader but makes you see, understand and then confront your challenges anew. Pepyn Dinandt is that author and Business Leadership Under Fire is that book. Its nine simple steps can be applied by anyone to any organ¬ization. It is essential reading. Read this book to go from the hard shoulder to cruising in the middle lane to warp speed in the fast lane in nine easy lessons.’

— Holger Engelmann, CEO, Webasto SE

‘The stories, lessons and recipes for success offered in Business Leadership Under Fire are drawn from the authors’ hard-won experience, tested on the frontlines of the military and business worlds. Dinandt and Westley’s concise book is inspirational boardroom reading in times of transformational change.’

— Johannes Huth, Head of KKR EMEA

‘No matter what business or industry you are in – or, indeed, your position – transformative change is the order of the day everywhere nowadays. Whatever flavour of challenge faced, those who fail to adapt are destined to be left behind or consigned to the slow lane. Now more than ever, leaders really need to lead as well as inspire confidence, loyalty and motivation from their staff and customers alike. Dinandt and Westley’s pithy but thoughtful new book Business Leadership Under Fire offers a handy guide to leadership excellence along with a checklist of tried-and-tested steps to help almost any manager or leader survive, thrive and be successful. If you only read one business book this year, make sure it is this one.’

— Joanne Bennett, Chief Business Officer, PizzaExpress

Inspiration For Writing the Book

The Nine Step Model

The nine-step model to rescue and transform organizations:

Step 1. Burning platform: establishing leadership

Step 2. Analysis and determination of the mission targets

Step 3. Comprehensive evaluation of the environment/theatre of operations

Step 4. Who Dares Wins/strategy and tactics

Step 5. Determining the best course of action

Step 6. Building and managing an excellent leadership team

Step 7. Team and organization structure/maximizing business impact

Step 8. Campaign delivery

Step 9. After-action review

About the Authors

About Pepyn Dinandt

Pepyn Dinandt is a business executive with thirty years of experience successfully leading the restructuring and transformation of companies in challenging situations at CEO and chairman level.

Global CEO & executive, chairman of the board and PE expert, with a track record for fast and solid financial results in transformations of B2B companies with industrial manufacturing.

His passion for this type of work started while working at McKinsey in the late 1980s. Pepyn has worked in a range of business-to-business industries, typically within the manufacturing sector. His motto is “practise what you preach”.

About Richard Westley OBE MC

Richard commanded soldiers on operations at every rank from Second Lieutenant to Colonel in environments as disparate as Albania, Afghanistan, Cote d’Ivoire and the Balkans.

In 1995 and surrounded by the advancing Bosnian Serb Army in the exposed enclave of Gorazde with his company, they prevented the fall of the town and saved the people from the fate of neighbouring Srebrenica.

He retired from the Army in 2010 having been responsible for all pre-deployment training for UK forces bound for Iraq and Afghanistan for 3 years.